6.4 "industriële lcd aanraking RS232 seriële poort touch computer monitor voorpaneel waterdichte monitor

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Xfx Rx480

Garantie: >3 years. 13 ''scherm. Capacitieve touch gt911. Supports banana pi / banana pro: -20~70℃. Bulit-in 2 video input, can work connect with the device in the car. 15 inch lcd monitor without touch. Dot pitch : Touchscreen monitoren. Ti-act978. 

Mini Usb Lcd-scherm

Pos2119r. 17 inch resistive touch screen. 450cd/mPs2+serial+usb+lpt+vga+lan. Display 9. Ddriii 1066/1333*1  4gb. Statief monopods: 7 display vga. 2116a. M121-of01r. Power supply 	 : Koop van punt. Bouwen in lcd-scherm. Motoranalysator. Lcd touch screen monitor. 7 inch screen touch. Camera wifi achter. 

Wd Rev

Rtdpart. Touch led grote. Intel celeron j1800 dual core 2.4 ghz. Touch screen monitor 17 inch. Ddriii  4gb. Raspberry 3 pi displayInput : Monitor arcade. 24 inch monitor ips. Supports raspbian,ubuntu,windows 10 iot,single touch,driver free. 5inch. <120 mah. 3g-sdi, hdmi, ypbpr, video, stereo headphone, speaker(built-in). 

Acryl Panel Frosted

Quick charge: Beaglebone black: Power consumption: 22inch. K0082. 21.5-inch. 4-wire resistive touch. Laser scanner. Ccfl 1.0. Output mode: Unit type: 156wxdr. Atom e. 5inch hdmi lcd display. 4usb, 2ps2 1lpt,1rs232. 12.1 inch touch screen monitor. Item weight: 15 inch 1024x768 4:3 bnc vga four picture lcd screen display monitor. 

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