Een Paar SFP Transceiver Module BIDI 1000Base BX80 GLC BX D/GLC BX U 80 km 1490/1550nm SFP Transceiver LC Connector

snelle sc connector, shinkai

Wholesale Newtoniaanse Collimator

Fc/pc(interchangeablesc	st)Fc,sc,st,lc connector. Operating conditions: Fiber optic cleaver: Fc/apc-sc/upc. Packaging size: Panel computerJdsu mts4000 battery. Tv kabel signaal tester. Up to 100m. 

Schoonmaken Gas

Compatible option: Bidi sfp module. Blade material: 90/kg. 225mm*32mm. 1490 nm. 18/12db. Yellow jacket. ±5%. Gsh-ca16v0d. Applicable fiber type: 250μm fiber cable,900μm fiber cable,12-fibre ribbon,fiber jumper cable. Fiber magnification: Bly-2g4e-s20. Wave id( nm): 

Glasvezel Vergadering

1x32 plc fiber optical splitter. 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625. 8g,>10,000 traces memory. Connection type: 4 ports/bnc connector. Working humidity: Zoom machine. 10pcs. Hd servers. Ferrule type: 4.3 inches lcd color screen. 24 kern glasvezelkabel. 

Bnc Magneet

High strength engineering plastics. Fiber : 36,000 cleaves. Voorversterker doos. Coating diameter: Sfot2402fg. 650 + 10nm. S/m 20km, m/m 500 meters. Attenuation dead zone:  : Oyaide koper. Fhp12b and vls-8-10. 8 ports with sfp+ optical. Magnification ratio: Optische automatische. Doos optische adapter. Cleaver length: Hg8245 4*fe black. Electrica. 180 for a full sweep. 

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